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Mintcloud Studio

Brass Dangles - Sun Flower

Brass Dangles - Sun Flower

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The Sun Flower by Mintcloud. Expertly crafted with intricate petals and a purple marble stud, these beautiful sun shaped brass dangles are the perfect addition to any outfit. Delight in their elegant, subtle shine - sure to make a statement!

Beautifully etched brass and laser cut 3mm acrylic
Surgical steel stud
Dangle measures approximately 45mm x 28mm

This style is clip on compatible!  

To order these as clip ons, first add these to your cart and then CLICK HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this design, the existing stud top piece from this dangle will be removed and replaced by the clip on top if conversion is requested.
Created by Mintcloud in Adelaide, South Australia

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