Care Instructions

We want your Mintcloud pieces to be loved and worn again and again. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the best out of your new pieces. 

Sterling Silver Care

Sterling silver is a soft metal which is prone to natural oxidisation over time. If your Sterling silver earring hooks become discoloured, simply polish them with a jewellery polishing cloth until they return to their original shine. 

As Sterling silver is a soft metal, it can also become misshapen so it's important to handle and store with care. 

Acrylic Care

The glue used in a lot of our acrylic designs can become weakened if not cared for correctly.

-Do not get acrylic earrings wet

-Do not subject to high heat environments (hair dryer, sauna etc.)

-Do not wear in the shower or swimming

To avoid mirrored acrylic material becoming scratched, store them with mirror facing up. 

If acrylic becomes marked, simply wipe with a tissue or damp cloth.