DIY Tips & Tricks

Using Jumprings 

  1. To open your jumprings, find the ring opening and carefully twist one side forwards.

TIP: Don’t pull your jumprings from left to right as you might disfigure the circle shape and weaken the ring in the middle. 

  1. Thread your components through the open jumpring, making sure the front facing surfaces are both facing the same size. 
  1. Twist your open ring back into place by pulling back the side that you pushed foward. 

TIP: If your jumprings aren’t lining back up neatly, you can gently overextend your jumpring backwards slightly when you are pulling it closed. When you release the twist, the ring will bounce back into place as the metal ring naturally will not bend as far as you have pulled it. 

Using Paint

Important: Always apply paint before peeling the protective tape off.

Our DIY kit pieces look unique with or without custom painting, so this step is completely optional. If you are going to add paint to your etched earring pieces we recommend any water-based acrylic paints. Using a brush or paint pen is the best way to make sure your paint job no gaps or air bubbles.

  1. Using your acrylic paint, fill the etching gaps on the piece that you are painting. You can go over the masking tape line to make sure the edges are completely covered. (this all peels away later)
  2. Apply a second coat to cover any air bubbles or missed areas.
  3. Wait until the paint has completely dried (usually around 15 minutes), and then peel your masking tape off to reveal your painting job. (tweezers make this job easier!)